1. Why is your building called a Gospel Hall? 

Gospel means good news! Our building is used to tell people the good news of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. Gospel Hall is not the name of a denomination. In fact, we are a non- denominational church. We are christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, which simple means; He is our head, our attraction and our joy. We meet as a Christ-centered assembly of Christians in the way he has shown us to meet. We meet to a person (the Lord Jesus), not a place, and gather in love in the way most glorifying to Him. 

2. Who is your pastor? 

A number of men share the teaching, pastoral and administrative duties of the assembly in accordance with the pattern of the New Testament. (1 Corinthians 12; 1Timothy 3). The leadership of the Church features servant-leaders called Elders. The Elders are ultimately responsible for the doctrine taught in the church, the integrity of the use of funds and pastoral care of the church. The Elders are the overseers of the church. 

3. What is your stance on Baptism? 

The word baptism, means to immerse or put under. Baptism is a command of the Lord Jesus for believers. It is a public display of what happened at the moment of salvation. The person to be baptized is momentarily “buried” in water, signifying the death of the “old” person. When the individual comes up out of the water, it signifies the new life they possess through faith in Christ. Baptism is not a requirement for salvation, but rather a simple step of obedience in the life of new Christian. 

4. Why do the women wear a head-covering? 

The women in our church cover their heads during the church meetings; following the teaching of the New Testament church. The covering of a women’s head is a symbol of submission in accordance to the teaching in 1 Corinthians 11. A covering on a woman’s head is used as an illustration of the order, headship and the authority of God; as a symbol of submission ultimately to Christ’s authority and as an example to the angels. The holy angels, who are in perfect and total submission to God, expect that we, as followers of Christ, be the same. Men and women have been created equally and are both important, valued and loved by God. Men and women have different roles in life and different positions in the church. Both are important and not held greater than the other. Each role is necessary for the furtherance of the Church to the glory of God. 

5. What kind of Missions or Outreaches does your Church take part in? 

The local church meeting in the Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall is a registered charity in Canada. We seek to distribute funds received to missionaries in North America and abroad. Locally we support children’s Bible camps, postal Bible studies and the distribution of Bible texts (Seed Sowers). We provide Christmas food hampers to a number of families in the community around us. We desire to manifest the love and compassion to the world around us. Reaching out with the good news of salvation is a high priority. Each summer a large tent is erected on our grassy parking lot to host Camp Treasure Seekers. 


What We Believe 

We believe the Bible is the true, inspired, holy Word of God. By knowing this, we believe the following: 

  • God created the heavens and the earth and that He created mankind in perfection, however this standing was lost through the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. (Gen. 1:1, Gen. 1:27, Romans 5:12) 
  • God eternally exists in three equal persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
  • God loves every person on earth. ( John 3:16, 1 John 4: 9&10) 
  • We are born in sin and our sin separates us from God. ( Rom. 3:23, Isaiah 59:2) 
  • The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23 
  • Jesus Christ is God, who became man (apart from sin), to be the perfect sacrifice, for our sins. 
  • Jesus Christ willingly died, was buried and resurrected because He loved us and is preparing a home in heaven for all those who believe on His name. 
  • The Lord Jesus paid the ultimate price for the sins of the whole world so that we may enter the presence of God and that by faith in Him we would be saved from sin and death and hell. 
  • The Lord Jesus is coming back to take His people( believers) home. 
  • All those who have been born again by personal faith in Jesus Christ are eternally secure as God’s children, and can never lose their salvation. ( John 10:28–30, John 3:3)